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Racing and Show Pigeon Testing Is Now Available at NJ AHDL

The NJ AHDL provides comprehensive wellness, disease prevention, and sick bird disease diagnosis and testing for pigeon breeders and fanciers.  The laboratory is reputed to deliver timely and valuable results needed for the care and maintenance of these racing and show athletes throughout the USA.  Using a multidisciplinary approach, diagnostic testing services include necropsy, histology, cytology, parasitology, virology, molecular diagnostics, serology, clinical pathology, bacteriology, mycology, feed nutrition analysis and toxicology.  Some infectious and noninfectious disease tests commonly performed include: Trichomonas columbae (canker), candida (thrush), intestinal parasites (coccidia, hairworm and roundworm), Salmonella sp., Escherichia coli, Clostridium sp., pigeon herpesvirus, pigeon circovirus, pigeon adenovirus, pigeon paramxyovirus (PPMV-1), Chlamydophila psittaci, vitamin or mineral deficiency/toxicosis and husbandry-related issues. Please contact the laboratory for more information or if you would like to submit pigeon specimens for testing.