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Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory
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Description of Equipment Need

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) participates in implementing Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (AFRPS) in NJ in co-operation with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Laboratory results are used by regulatory agencies to take regulatory action such as animal food recall.


Salmonella and Listeria traditional culture testing is very cumbersome resulting in inefficient use of staff resources and unsatisfactory turnaround time of laboratory results. Such delay in turnaround could result in delayed regulatory action and could jeopardize public health and animal health. Turnaround time can be significantly improved using automated equipment available for Salmonella and Listeria enrichment and screening directly from food sample. The technology available is called Enzyme linked fluorescent assay (ELFA). The laboratory is looking for a version of automated equipment that combines bacterial enrichment, ELFA, and bacteriophage technology for rapid screening of food-borne pathogens.  Equipment must be approved and validated to the ISO standard to help laboratory obtain ISO accreditation of animal food microbiology tests.



Automated equipment combining bacterial enrichment, ELFA, and bacteriophage technology for pathogen detection (Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli) in animal food


Electrical: 120 V, 60 Hz


Space: Table top


Work Flow:

Multi-parametric (simultaneous processing of different parameters)

Flexibility to allow single or batch testing

Ability to run 30 tests at a time

Availability of ready-to-use reagents for Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli and other food pathogens as well as veterinary diagnostics

Minimal maintenance



A built-in computer, keyboard and printer

Automated pipetting

Load and walk away capability

Bar coding compatible reagents

Bidirectional interface to LIMS


Quality Assurance:

ISO/AOAC validated

Availability of on-board QC program

No cross-contamination (no carryover)

Maintenance support

Agency Request for Proposal PB120 Form


If you are awarded this procurement, be advised that a DPA packet must be completed that include the following forms:


Information Sheet and Certification for DPA Transactions

Ownership Disclosure Form

Disclosure of Investigation and Other Activities Involving Bidder Forms

Disclosure of Investments Activities in Iran Form

Source Disclosure Form

MacBride Principles Certification Form

Vendor Certification and Political Form/ Two Year Chapter 51/Executive Order 117 Vendor Certification and Disclosure of Political Contribution Form

Affirmative Action Form

Delegated Purchasing Authority Terms and Conditions

Proof of NJ Business Registration (http://www1.state.nj.us/TYTR_BRC/jsp/BRCLoginJsp.jsp) with the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/revenue/) – Provide a copy of Business Registration Certificate

Proof of Insurance (ACORD Form)


All DPA Forms Packet can be located at  https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/purchase/forms/Waiver%20and%20DPA%20Contract%20Checklist.pdf



The PB120 Form must be returned by the closing date of 04/26/2019 4pm Eastern Standard Time to be considered